The BMI team consists of a small group of dedicated faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, many of whom volunteer their time, to ensure the successful implementation of projects that serve students of color, and Black males in particular, at all levels of the educational pipeline.  The work of the BMI is representative of the collective interests and dedication of the staff, with the overarching goal being, to produce work that informs policy, practice, and research focused on identifying ways to better serve underrepresented students in K-12, college, and in life beyond.

BMI Staff

Tyrone Howard, Ph.D.
Founder & Director

Samarah Blackmon, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Rachel Thomas
Program Coordinator 

LaJuana Richards
Program Coordinator

Student Affairs Liaison

Kevin Dougherty, Ed.D.
Student Affairs Liaison 

Graduate Researchers

Anthony Tróchez, Doctoral Candidate
Graduate Student Researcher 

Bianca Haro, Doctoral Candidate
Graduate Student Researcher – HAMP

Kenjus Watson, Doctoral Candidate
Graduate Student Researcher – Lumina; HAMP

Daniel Harris, Doctoral Student
Graduate Student Researcher – G2G Project

Earl J. Edwards, Doctoral Student
Graduate Student Researcher

Travis Dumas, Doctoral Student
Graduate Student Researcher – Lumina

Tr'Vel Lyons, Doctoral Student
Graduate Student Researcher – G2G Project

Joanna Navarro, Undergraduate
Undergraduate Researcher Assistant