Kenjus Watson

Kenjus Watson teaches courses on inequality, identity, and group behavior in the Psychology and Education Departments at Occidental College. Kenjus has been involved with Dialogue and other forms of social justice education since 2004 and has established Dialogue programs at several universities. Kenjus is also a doctoral candidate in the Race and Ethnic Studies Division of UCLA's Graduate School of Education. At UCLA, Kenjus serves as a research assistant to the BMI as well as to the Associate Dean for Equity and Diversity. Kenjus' scholarship investigates issues of race, racism, and other aspects of oppression found throughout the educational pipeline. His current research interests focus on the Biopsychosocial impact of Racial Microaggressions, Critical Race Theory, Black collegiate identities, and the potential of Critical Pedagogy to inspire action, hope, and healing amongst marginalized communities.

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Kenjus Watson, Doctoral Candidate
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