Kevin Dougherty, Ed.D.

Kevin A. Dougherty is the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Fraternity & Sorority Relations at UCLA.  Dougherty's growing knowledge of college students as well as his experiences as a graduate student and administrator has provided him with tools of competence to have meaningful dialogues with students, administrators, and professors pertaining to areas of leadership, education, ethics, social justice, and future careers. He has been the liaison in his current role within Student Affairs for the Black Male Institute (BMI) since 2011. Dr. Dougherty has connected students within the institute with faculty and administrators, while co-facilitating/teaching within various courses offered. Importantly, Dr. Dougherty's role within the BMI at UCLA has been instrumental in helping students plan for graduate school while simultaneously preparing for their life/career post receiving their graduate or terminal degree. Kevin A. Dougherty achieved his B.S. degree in Sociology from Georgia Southern; M.S. in Justice Administration from the University of Louisville; and Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Arizona.