The Black Male Institute's Annual Think Tank 

The Black Male Institute’s annual Think Tank started as a national effort to bring together practitioners, scholars, researchers, parents, and students to discuss community-relevant topics surrounding education.  Each year, stakeholders from multiple sectors of education strategize on how to improve educational experiences and opportunities for Black males.  Previous Think Tank Conference topics include:

  • 2011: Hear Me In:  The Voices of Black Male Youth
  • 2012: Hip Hop & Black Male Identity:  Beats, Rhymes, Life & Learning
  • 2013: Solutions Not Suspensions
  • 2014: Community Voice on the BLOOM Initiative

In 2015, we worked in collaboration with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, which President Barack Obama signed in 2012.  The one day summit took place at the California NanoSystems Institute auditorium at UCLA.  The summit was moderated by David J. Johns, the executive director of the White House initiative.  The daylong conference focused on topics including “Reimagining Opportunity for Black Youth in Los Angeles,” “Stabilizing Public Schools to Advance Student Achievement and Ensure College and Career Readiness,” and “Community Conversation, Reaction, and Recommendations,” as presented by panel discussions.  More than 200 people from across Los Angeles were in attendance and learned about the Black student experience through the panelists, which included BMI and Sister-to-Sister students as well as Dr. Tyrone Howard, director of the BMI.

The next BMI Think Tank will take place in May 2016.  To be added to the contact list for the annual Think Tank event, please click here.