Young Black & Houseless

California public schools educate over 204,000 K-12 students experiencing homelessness. A quarter of them attend Los Angeles County public schools. An analysis of data from the California Department of Education shows that one-third of all Black students experiencing homelessness in California are attending public schools in LA County. The number of Black homeless students has increased by more than 40% since the 2014–15 school year. In LA County, Black students are the only racial/ethnic group that disproportionately experiences homelessness. Additionally, the graduation rate of Black students experiencing homelessness is 20 percentage points below the LA County's average. They also represent 14% of all Black students who do not complete high school on time in the county. In the 2017–18 school year, only 55% of Black boys experiencing homelessness graduated high school on time.

Brief's Discourse in the Media

“The increase in homelessness among black youth in Los Angeles County and its impact on graduation rates for black students is putting a disproportionate number of black youth who are already houseless (either by themselves or with their families) on a pathway to adult homelessness,” 

Dr. Tyrone Howard

UCLA Knowledge That Matters interviews BMI researchers to discuss the implications of the Young, Black, and Houseless on Los Angeles County.  
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BMI researcher Earl Edwards discusses the Young, Black, & Houseless on NPR's Take Two  

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